Hey! I’m Charlie Wade – a big time coffee enthusiast with a hunger for knowledge and a passion for coffee and people.

My coffee journey started as a child, as I would watch my father’s morning coffee ritual. While he only drank instant coffee - black with a few sugars - the distinct smell alone was enough to pique my interest.


I landed my first barista job at a drive through cafe while studying landscape architecture and soon, coffee consumed me. I decided to follow that interest and discovered my passion for coffee while working at Allpress Espresso in Auckland. After two years of roasting and quality control, I felt the need for a new challenge.

Melbourne’s pull as one of the world’s coffee capitals was too hard to ignore. And so I packed up my life and moved to Australia. I got a job with Padre Coffee, a team of specialty coffee professionals and all-round good people, with bases in Melbourne and Noosa. The last couple of years have been filled with amazing passionate people and so many delicious special coffees.


I decided to start SOW to share the stories of the incredible people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. I hope you enjoy exploring my experiences and conversations as much as I’ve enjoyed them.


I’m excited to see what a life in coffee has planned for me: the challenges, the places, the coffees and the people. Thanks for taking some time to read a little about my coffee journey so far.

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