A verb used to scatter seeds over land for the purpose of growth.


Sow good vibes and watch them grow!

Welcome to Sow Coffee Project, a Melbourne based coffee blog here for you to explore, learn and enjoy the many awesome things coffee has to offer. Sow Coffee Project is my new venture focusing on connecting people and coffee and watching the two grow. I love having the opportunity to share my passion and thoughts with like minded coffee enthusiasts and coffee lovers all over the world. The purpose of the blog is to use coffee as a platform to build stronger relationships, sharing our thoughts, passions, strengths and challenges we've endured along the way to ultimately connect our amazing coffee community even more. I hope you guys enjoy exploring this space as much as I enjoy curating and sharing it!

March 19, 2020

It’s been a crazy whirlwind thinking about the time between now and the last blog on After Good Coffee in San Jose, Costa Rica. Making the shift from being a time-optimist to a time-realist only took a good few years of smacking a clock against my head. I was slow...

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July 29, 2020


March 19, 2020

After Good Coffee in San José, Costa Rica?

July 23, 2019

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