Colombia, Decaf de Caña


At Sow Coffee Project, we understand and respect that you want decaffeinated coffee that doesn’t compromise on flavour or quality. This special decaf comprises Castillo, Caturra and Colombia varietals, which are sourced with care and respect for quality.


The  beans are carefully decaffeinated at source in Colombia, using a specialised, natural process that utilizes a natural solvent that is present in fermented sugar and many fruits. The beans are repeatedly washed with the solvent solution, and in doing so, the solvent bonds with the caffeine molecules, extracting them from the coffee. This process preserves the integrity of the coffee’s flavour, whilst leaving them virtually caffeine free.


Simply put: it’s delicious coffee, without the caffeine!


Carefully sourced and roasted by Sow Coffee Project in Port Melbourne, Australia.

Colombia, Decaf de Caña

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