Colombia Montalvo is organically grown in Tolima, one of Colombia's most prolific coffee growing regions. This coffee is produced by the Montalvo Association of Farmers and Specialty Coffee (AGPROCEM), which was founded in 2014 to assist its members to market their coffees. They have a strong focus on both cup quality and environmental conservation, with many of their members being organic and/or fair-trade certified. AGPROCEM also has strict quality control measures and separate their lots into farm-specific microlots or specialised regional lots, such as this one. This helps the farmers receive the best price possible for their coffees 


This coffee is so smooth and sweet, with notes of pear, honey, toffee and dark chocolate. It is delicious black but also shines with milk, including alternative milks.


This beautiful coffee was roasted by our talented friends at Padre Coffee.

Colombia Montalvo - Espresso Roast 250g

  • Region: Montalvo, Planadas, Tolima

    Altitude: 1650-2000 masl

    Varieties: Caturra, Colombia, Typica, Castillo

    Process: Washed

    Certified Organic

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