In 2019, Director of coffee at Padre Coffee Fay Kamanis and I had an experience of a lifetime visiting Fina Las Lajas – greeted by big smiles and warm souls Francesca and Oscar Chacon. 

From the breath-taking landscape to the strong focus on Agroforestry and the rigorous attention to detail months before any coffee cherries are picked – the complex nature of producing stunning coffee is evident with every sip of their coffee.


Personally, my experience with these producers is rich, as I've had the incredible chance to use a Red Honey coffee from Finca Las Lajas to showcase my first conscious experience of discovering fruit flavours in coffee during my early years joining the coffee industry. This moment was so surreal, I had to share this story while competed in the Regional Brewer's Cup competition last year. 


From the first interaction with Las Lajas to the last, my experience never fails, and what better way to celebrate Sow's first coffee by Francesca and Oscar Chacon roasted by our talented friends at Padre Coffee. This coffee is a real treat and we can't wait for you to try it!


To read more on Francesca and Oscar Chacon and the amazing experience I had at Finca Las Lajas, click here!

Costa Rica, Alma Negra Filter 250g


    Natural process - Caturra and Catuai varietals grown and handpicked at an altitude of 1450-1600 masl in Alajuela, Costa Rica's Central Valley region.

  • A good starting place:


    Dose - 12.5g

    Yield - 225g

    Time - 2:45 min

    TEMP - 96°C

    Ratio - 1:18

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