This coffee was grown  and produced by Bogale Turkey (pictured) on his 13-hectare farm, Banko Calcale, in Sidama, Ethiopia. The farm sits at a staggering elevation of 2019masl, which together with the region’s cool climate, contributes to the slow ripening of coffee cherries. In turn, this leads to denser beans and a sweet, complex cup.


Coffee is grown amongst native forest, growing under the shade of Birbira, Wanza and Acacia trees, and is grown alongside food crops like corn, grain and bananas. Like most Ethiopian smallholder farmers, Bogale practices organic farming, which requires a lot of manual labour from the whole family. 


Bogale is a member of the Lalisaa Project, an initiative that provides opportunities and resources to smallholder farmers in this region.





The Lalisaa Project was established in 2018 to support producers in marketing and exporting their coffees outside of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) system. Aptly, the word ‘lalisaa’ is an Amharic word meaning to grow or flouris. By participating in the program, smallholder coffee farmers and quality-focused coffee washing stations are able to access support and resources that will help them thrive.


Prior to 2017 the ECX was the only way for Ethiopian farmers to trade, however it never really served the specialty market well. Trading outside the ECX has allowed for greater transparency and traceability, and for farmers to receive higher prices for high quality coffees. 


The goal of Lalisaa is to improve the quantity and quality of coffee produced by partnered producers, through education and improved farming and processing practices. This, in turn, will contribute to increased prices and improved social and environmental standards for the producing communities. Ultimately, the project is designed to cultivate a strong, well-informed and independent supply chain that doesn’t rely on financial aid or intervention from exporters and importers. Agronomist Shimelis Bogale (image four) plays a key role in facilitating the Lalisaa Project training sessions.


All this information on the coffee has kindly been shared with us by our awesome import partners Melbourne Coffee Merchants. We thank them for the information and images that helping us to share the story behind the coffee and the wonderful producer, Bogale Turkey.


Carefully sourced and roasted by Sow Coffee Project in Port Melbourne, Australia.

Ethiopia, Bogale Turkey (Natural)

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