Since the idea of Sow Coffee Project was first seeded, people have always been my main inspiration and driver. To me, there’s nothing better than getting to celebrate and spotlight the amazing people behind our coffees, collaborate with friends, both old and new and continue building our community.


When we set out to deliver an amazing cup of instant coffee over a year ago, we knew there would be no place for pretension. Rather, I drew inspiration and direction from my nostalgia for my introduction to coffee. This was through my father’s morning coffee ritual when I was a young child.


This Sow Coffee Project Instant Specialty Organic Coffee pays respect to those beginnings: an homage to the instant coffee that inspired my coffee journey. 


Flavour and versatility were the two major factors in selecting a coffee for this project, and I wanted it to taste delicious both black and with the addition of a dash of milk. When I tasted Padre Coffee’s Wild Child Organic Colombian coffee, I knew we had a winner. Sweet notes of pear and honey balance the bold flavours of toffee and dark chocolate that carry through to the final sip.


A proud collaboration with our talented friends at Padre Coffee; we hope you enjoy our Sow Coffee Project Instant Specialty Organic Coffee and we hope it grants you a brand new perspective on instant coffee.


Designed stunningly by Anya Anackov and photographed perfectly by Maegan Brown.

Instant Organic Specialty Coffee - 30g Jar

  • Origin: Planadas, Tolima, Colombia

    Source: Montalvo Agprocem Association

    Varietal: Cattura, Colombia, Typica & Castillo

    Process: Fully Washed