Kinto's SLOW COFFEE STYLE series has long been a favourite of mine. The range was developed to celebrate the slow, relaxing passage of time with pour-over coffee making, so it couldn’t be more suited to my style of brewing.


This clear Grey Pour Over brewer is a new addition to my coffee range and since its induction, I’ve loved how accessible and user friendly this little brewer is. Paired with a Kinto server, it's a great combination to get you brewing like a pro in no time without spending too much. Starting in style with such elegance couldn't be easier!




Fold the paper filter along the seam, and put it in the brewer. 

Pour approx. 20g (for 300 ml) of ground coffee into the filter.

*Adjust the amount of ground coffee and hot water to suit your taste

(A guide of 1 cup: 10g of ground coffee for 150ml/ 5 oz of dripped coffee.)


Pour a small amount of hot water into the center of the coffee mound and let it bloom for 30 seconds. Then slowly pour more hot water - drawing a spiral from the centre. 

*Slow Coffee Style cotton paper filter 2 cup is suitable for this brewer.


Remove the brewer and pour the coffee into a cup. Enjoy the time brewing and the taste of “slow coffee”.

Kinto Slow Coffee Brewer

  • Pour-over coffee brewer

    Designed by Kinto Japan



    2-cup - 7cm (H) x 11cm (W), 9.5cm (D)

    4-cup -  8.5c, (H) x 13cm (W), 12cm (D)


    Dishwasher safe

    Made of AS resin

    Designed & manufactured in Japan