Kinto's SLOW COFFEE STYLE series has long been a favourite of mine. The range was developed to celebrate the slow, relaxing passage of time with pour-over coffee making, so it couldn’t be more suited to my style of brewing. This kettle is no exception.


With ease and elegance, function and form are just as crucial for this pour over kettle. The slender arched spout and round body offer you greater control over the direction and flowrate of the pour. The kettle holds and heats up to 900ml of water and is designed for everyday use - it can be safely used on any style of stovetop and is dishwasher safe! Meticulous consideration has been given to every aspect of this kettle; it is sure to make your brewing experience special.


This product is available in Matte Silver and Matte Black colour option.

Kinto Pour Over Kettle 900ml

  • Capacity: 0.9 Litres

    Heating: Stovetop safe

    Cleaning: Dishwasher safe

    Dimensions: H135 x W235 mm

    Warranty: 1 Year from purchase

  • Established in 1972 in Shiga, Japan, KINTO creates products that bring comfort and inspiration to everyday life. Their Slow Coffee Style range celebrates the daily ritual of coffee brewing, with organic, sedate colours and inviting textures. The pieces blend well into minimal and design-driven spaces and we have no doubt that they will look great in your kitchen!