Kinto's SEPIA series evokes a feeling of nostalgia and warmth, just like its namesake sepia-toned photographs. The design of these tumblers is enigmatic - classic yet ultimately modern - and their warm amber tint is extremely unique.


Their sloped edges allow for maximum comfort in the hand, and the sturdy thick base makes them both stackable and durable. The glass comes to a beautifully fine edge that floats on the lip and is a pleasure to sip from.


Made of heat-resistant glass, these tumblers can be used for hot and cold drinks: perfect for both filter coffee and spirits!

Kinto Sepia Tumbler

  • Dimensions (270ml): 7.5cm (H) x 8.0cm (W) x 7.0cm (d)

    Dimensions (370ml):  9.5cm (H) x 8.0cm (W) x 7.0cm (d)

    Materials: Heat-resistant glass

    Microwafe and Dishwasher safe