Meet the new Issue 23


Standart speaks to fermentation designer and Lucia Solis about funky coffee processing, which segues beautifully into a stab at what a future cup of coffee might look like.


In Standart Issue 23, they take a deep dive into who actually invented the first espresso machine, drink in life lessons and advice from World Barista Championship boss Cindy Ludviksen, and survey some of the wackier coffee patents filed over the past century.


Their ‘Meet Your Guest’ features an absolute legend of electronic music and modular synth, Suzanne Ciani, and our long-form piece traces the history of punk sobriety, coffee culture, and embodied rebellion in the age of economics.


Make a brew, put your feet up and enjoy this stunning experiance of reading this magazine.

Standart Magazine

  • Issue 23, Punks, diodes and coffee - Summer 2021

    Issue 22, Napkins, glitter and coffee - Spring 2021

    Issue 21, Wings, smoke and coffee - Winter 2020

    Issue 20, Words, flowers and coffee - Autumn 2020

  • Standart magazine launched in 2015 as a way to celebrate the culture and community of Specialty Coffee, but has grown to become a multi-award winning publication. It's print only and published once a quarter. Every issue comprises articles, stories, interviews and essays from leaders in the coffee industry and beyond.