Standart Issue 21


Standart is back with Issue 21 of everyone's favourite coffee magazine - and this issue tackles a topical, relevant and complex theme: sustainability.


True to form, this issue contains a number of different formats, from an erotica inspired coffee equipment photoshoot to a nostalgic short story. The team at Standart offer a cheat sheet covering sustainability facts and easy ways to reduce your 'foodprint'. This issue's long-form article looks at how and why coffee companies sell sustainability: the rise of corporate social responsibility, greenwashing and what the ideal sustainable business looks like. 


Standart Issue 20


This issue marks five years of Standart goodness, and heralds a new look for everyone’s favourite coffee publication. This issue is not to be be missed, and is sure to feature on my coffee table for months to come.


In this issue, the Standart team explores a number of crucial and engrossing topics, including the rise of Specialty Coffee in India; a debate on light vs dark roast; the latest developments in agroforestry in Brazil; and a personalized account of the struggles of small business sustainability. 


Neuroscientist Fabiana Carvalho explains current research on the ways colour changes the flavour of coffee. Ashley Rodriguez explores relationship building in the coffee industry, such as those between roaster and farmer, and the affects of things like power imbalance. Talor Browne, who started her coffee journey in Melbourne and now owns Talormade in Norway, explains how she fosters a culture founded on empathy.

Standart Magazine

Standart Issue
  • Issue 21, Wings, smoke and coffee - Winter 2020

    Issue 20, Words, flowers and coffee - Autumn 2020

  • Standart magazine launched in 2015 as a way to celebrate the culture and community of Specialty Coffee, but has grown to become a multi-award winning publication. It's print only and published once a quarter. Every issue comprises articles, stories, interviews and essays from leaders in the coffee industry and beyond.

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