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Re-introducing our Sakura Blend!

Inspired by our travels to Japan and our reverence of the coffee scene there! We resonate with what the Sakura represents: the transience, brevity and beauty of life. It’s a philosophy that we think applies to coffee: its beauty lies in its seasonality and it should be savoured and respected.

This second iteration mirrors the Sakura blossoming in Australia, and features fresh crop Ethiopian and Guatemalan coffees. It presents flavours of cherry, honeysuckle, honeydew and white nectarine with an overall floral presence; it's complex, clean and driven by sweetness.


These Ghost Wares ceramics are what I chose to serve my brew in for the 2019 Regional Brewers Cup Championships. The ASCA Australian Brewers Cup is about showing off the beauty of specialty coffee by traditional hand brewing and telling the story through spoken word. I think this beauty is perfectly amplified by these stunning ceramics.

Charlie Wade - Brewers Cup Presentation

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